Reports of Apple Cracking Down on UDID Slot Sales Innacurate

Earlier today, the Apple blogosphere seemed to light up with reports that Apple was cracking down on developers who were using their account to sell access to iOS beta software by registering non-developers’ UDID. We went straight to the source and spoke to the guys at, the people that supposedly received letters/emails from Apple stating that their developer account has been banned due to them selling UDID slots. The short answer? These guys haven’t heard anything from Apple.

we can confirm that we have not received any form of communication from Apple.

The developers behind the activation service do say that it is very possible that websites who are currently hosting the beta software have received cease-and-desist letters from Apple.

They also believe that the reason these reports have proliferated throughout the internet is simply because the first two iOS betas expired yesterday, August 4th. This has resulted in many users who haven’t bothered to upgrade to the latest beta (currently iOS 5 beta 4) to hit forums (ours included), and state that their device has been deactivated. In other words, it seems like this might just be a case of mistaken identity all around.

We’ve also begun to see reports in our forum of people who did purchase UDIDs state that their device is still activated; they are all running iOS 5 beta 3 or above.

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