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The Glock is a standard issued 9mm gun released to the police force to protect and serve. Though not the strongest of guns, it becomes enough to protect and disarm when the time comes. In 9mm, it becomes your best friend or worst enemy. The icon of the game shows of a fancier Glock 26 9mm gun on it. 9mm is a game developed by the gaming giant Gamefoft about a police officer trying to get to the bottom of a coke lord. Recently, the offset of Gameloft games have been stellar if not great. However, could this over-hyped game not live up to its publicity it was given? Does the gameplay, graphics, audio, replay and overall value suite what you are given?


In 9mm, you play as John “Loose” Kannon, a corrupt police officer that banks in during a big coke bust. The downside is that the big kingpin is now after him for some vengeance. John must go back to his loose policing and take this man down whether it’s legal or not. The whole story main story is easy to see, however, the actual story on what happens can be tough to follow at times in the game (yes I always watch through the cut scenes to see if I can get the story down), which I do have a small problem with. There are also other gripes I have against this game.

The gameplay is actually quite fantastic, but it’s still missing a thing or two. The action-packed, adrenaline-rushing gameplay really adds some flavor and excitement I am looking for in a game. The slow motion effects work really well as well to supply much more accuracy, and are required to survive much of the time. The battle system is simple, and there really is nothing wrong entirely about the gameplay itself. It’s not too difficult, but can be.

The slow-motion, focused effect allows for better accuracy. However, it’s better used for survival since no one can seem to shoot you when you are in this focused mode.

Besides the fast-paced, third-person shooter that you go through, there are also some action scenes in the game where you just chase a person. The shaking cameras and sense of speed really make these an interesting watch. Notice how I said watch and not play. During these scenes, the game gets really boring, really fast. They do add a nice twist to the game and are a good way to transition the story, but I think just a cut scene would work better in this case.

The chase scenes in this game are nice and somewhat suspenseful, but would work better just as a video than the actual level.

During the whole game, you use two main weapons, the 9mm Glock and the police issued shotgun. However, you can collect other weapons through the in-game store or grab the ones your fallen enemies dropped.

The controls that these games have are the standard joystick and button controls that Gameloft has been using. The controls work well, but I do wish that they would allow for a more sensitive swiping as I found myself swiping 2, sometimes 3, times just to look at what I needed to. This could become quite frustrating at times.

The controls in this game follow the standard Gameloft setup, but they can use a little more sensitivity.

The other gripe I had with the controls was the battle, or fighting, system. There are two small things I had about this. The first is the lack of a cover system, there is virtually no way to take cover behind the wall. You do get a crouch mechanism that works decently, but it still isn’t a cover system. The second thing is that you can’t shoot crouching down… This irritates me to death as John has to stand up to fire his gun.

The lack of cover system in the game really doesn’t cut it for me, I’d expect a lot more quality from a company like Gameloft.

Overall, the gameplay is actually still quite fun and entertaining, there were a few things that got on my nerves with the game, but it was still a good experience overall. Gameloft sort of lost its touch with this game’s gameplay, hopefully they’ll get it back with March of Heroes.

Gameplay: ★★★★


Unlike the gameplay, the graphics actually took a step in the right direction since my last encounter with a Gameloft game, but definitely not their best attempt. With the last couple of games Gameloft has released, people have been speculating whether or not they were using the Unreal Engine. Sadly though, this is not one of those games and it shows.

The graphics themselves aren’t entirely bad; the majority of them fit perfectly and look great. However, there are just those bad textures that pop up every so often that ruins the whole picture. Even with these though, the details and sharpness of the image is really amazing, especially knowing they aren’t using the Unreal Engine yet. The framerates run pretty high on my iPod and I had difficulty getting the game to lag, even at all. This, in turn, causes some really smooth graphics. This still isn’t their best work yet as games like Shadow Guardian had much superior graphics to this game.

The graphics in this game are actually quite great, but there is always that one texture that throws things entirely off.

The menus in the game are a different story. Everything is organized really nicely and fits the game title in a creative way. Gameloft has never really failed me with any of their menus at all. They are always clean and easy to navigate. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Clean, simple menus; something I’ve grown accustomed to with Gameloft.

Although not the best graphics I’ve seen from them, the graphics in 9mm are still spectacular, but do have some soft spots that need to get patched up a bit. The menus still deliver and aren’t skimped on as well. Overall a really great job by the Gameloft development team.

Graphics: ★★★★½


The audio in most Gameloft games have never really disappointed me, this is no different. This game has lots of audio that really complement the gamplay and graphics well. The music adds an extra element of adrenaline and suspense to the game. It makes some slower scenes feel much faster than they already are.

The sound effects are also there, each gun does have a distinct sound and you can hear each comment everyone makes. The voice acting still isn’t the best and could be better. The sounds in 9mm are ample and do create a more suspenseful and enjoyable environment.

Audio: ★★★★½


This game actually has some decent replay value. There are difficulty levels in the game, so this can keep you playing if you wish to have a harder experience in the game. There are achievements, but no list of them, so you never really know if you achieved everything possible in the game. There are also unlockables in the game. As you play, you’ll notice that there is a shop for items. These items can be used online as well. Armors, guns, and all your ammunition needs are included here.

The shop allows you to power up your character and have the edge in the game.

The last thing that’s incorporated is multiplayer. If you still believe that the hardest difficulty in the game is too easy, or just feel like playing humans, you can always go online or buddy up with a friend and play. I do wish Gameloft would incorporate some sort of offline, bot-based arcade mode for this game though.

Replay: ★★★★½


OK, the story can be short for the game… If you skip every single last cut-scene. However, if you do this, you rob yourself of the actual story of the game. I’ve been able to easily squeeze hours of gameplay out of this game without the online play. The online play adds even more value to this game. There are some things in the gameplay and graphics that can really make this game more valuable, but it’s still a good value overall for 7 dollars.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

Gameloft has created another game that won’t disappoint and offer hours of fast-paced gameplay. Although it’s not Unreal powered, the game still has some decent graphics. The gameplay has some small problems, but overall the game is still a fun game if you are into fast-paced, third-person shooters and can get over the lack of cover system.

Overall Score

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