Headphone Review: NUForce NE-700M

A beautiful bronze finish gives the headphones a gleaming shine. The NE700-Ms (700s, or 700M for short) are an older pair of headphones from NUForce. NUForce has been a long time contender in the audiophile market supplying dacs, amps, and speakers. They have also found a great place in the headphone market with their highly successful NE700s. These little beauties have an eye-catching design, great audio, strong build, good comfort, and a huge bang for your buck.


  • Driver: 8mm Dynamic
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 105dB

In the Box

  • NUForce NE700M headset
  • 4 Sets of Silicon Tips (3 Single flange, 1 tri-flange)
  • Carrying Pouch
The NUForce isn’t coupled with too many accessories, just a carrying pouch and some tips.


The 700s have some sex appeal to them. They are shiny, simply designed, and just gosh darn beautiful. Sound familiar? These are the exact words we used to describe the iPod Touch when it was first released. Unlike the iPods though, the NUForces are available in two colors, silver and bronze. The bronze one is the M model which has the microphone. The silver model is called the X model and doesn’t have a microphone.

The design of the NUForce is an art form itself.

The overall design of the NUForce NE700s resembles the shape of a bullet. It is unique and really nice looking. The shiny exterior which is made of metal can turn eyes and gives some nice heft to the headphones, so they don’t get that cheap feeling. On the circular ends of the bullet is the nu logo which is the same rightside up or upside down. The remote and mic is a one button remote that is compatible with supporting iDevices and many smartphones. The Eye-popping, bright design of these headphones definitely gets it a five in this category.

Design: ★★★★★


The NUForce has a really nice signature that will definitely hang well with the mainstream crowd, yet be able to keep to its audiophile roots. The bass heavy sound of the headphones is really inviting and smooth, but NUForce doesn’t entirely ignore the rest of the spectrum either.

To ensure you get the most skull-numbing bass out of these beauties, it’s advised that you test and select the right tip for your ear.


The bass is powerful and strong. There is a huge amount of impact which makes it intense. The lows are really lively on these headphones and are blaring, yet controlled. Although the texture isn’t quite there yet, you can still hear all the bass from the mid-bass to the really deep, low end. The bass is punchy most of the time, and rarely overpowers, which is a good thing. The overall bass on these is really great and enjoyable.

Bass: ★★★★½


NUForce shows that you can have big bass, but not sacrifice quality through their mids and highs. The mids on these headphones really show details well. The clarity is stunning, especially knowing how powerful and deep the bass gets. The entire mids have more of a warmer, thicker sense to them, which isn’t entirely a bad thing. The mids on these are really missing that special factor that makes them go wow, they are still good however.

Mids: ★★★★


The highs are still there, but rolled off in a relaxed fashion. This really gives the entire headphones a laid-back feel to them. The highs sparkle, but only when they need to. The details are there if you listen for them. The treble sometimes end up sounding recessed compared to the mids and lows. This makes the clarity hit or miss on these headphones. The highs are still quite enjoyable on these though.

Highs: ★★★★

Noise Isolation

The isolation on the NE700s is actually quite good. Is it perfect, no, but sufficient enough to block out the noise from the annoying person standing next to you. The fact that it isn’t a deep inserting IEM also adds to the fact that it won’t be the absolute best isolator. They aren’t earplugs, but they do a good job at isolating sound out and letting music in.


This is probably the downside to the earbuds. You can definitely get a lot of microphonics wearing these things down. It tends to get annoying. There is no clip included, so that is not an option. With most IEMs wearing them down will cause microphonics (most users are already used to this cable thump if they wear down). Also like most IEMs, when these are worn up, it will get rid of most of the microphonics in the cable.

These headphones have an overall good, respectable sound signature that does push towards the popular crowd with powerful lows, but also shows that powerful lows doesn’t have to mean a loss of the rest of the spectrum. These headphones are fun, yet retain that sense of quality with them.

Audio: ★★★★


The build quality on these NUForces is either hit or miss. At some points, it shows really great quality, in others, it fails; it’s mostly good. The NE700s doe come with a nice carrying case that is embroidered with the NUForce trademark on it in red. The carrying case is something that I do suggest using as well to ensure that they last a lifetime.

The carrying pouch that comes with the NE700s is really nice, and will keep your headphones safe when not in use.

Each housing is composed of a strong metal that is not only beautiful in its own form, but sturdy as well. This is, in turn, results in spectacular build in this area. Leading out of each housing is a small strain relief. Small strain reliefs are extremely detrimental for build quality, and this one is no different.

The cables coming out of the strain reliefs are both thin and tangle easily. This is definitely not the best build quality for the headphones. On the other hand, although the cable feels cheap, it does prove to be pretty sturdy nonetheless, which does help out a lot.

The final thing is the headphone jack. It is a straight headphone jack, but seems pretty well protected with a long strain relief, which is the next best thing to an angled headphone jack. This however doesn’t make up for not having an angled jack. The materials used seem very strong and sturdy though, taking use of the strong metal that the housings are made of. The gold plating does ensure that it will resist corrosion.

The headphone jack on these is straight, but made of durable metal. It also has the nu logo on it.

Build: ★★★½


Comfort turns out to be another strong point of the NUForces. They don’t insert too deeply, so it isn’t as uncomfortable to insert. The housings themselves may be composed of metals, but are still really light on their own. This allows listeners to wear them for hours without much fatigue. Both of these together add up for really great comfort quality.

Comfort: ★★★★★


These run around 75 dollars, MSRP, and they rarely dip below that point. Even at this price, they are a steal. Sure, build quality isn’t the nicest, but everything else is. The sound quality is great at this price point and can even begin to satisfy the bass-head crowd, yet it’s able to keep controlled and step up the quality on the rest of the spectrum to satisfy the inner-audiophile in all of us. This is a really versatile headset that sounds great, even out of the box. The stellar design is another big plus for these as well; it’s clean, pretty, and just eye catching on its own.

To add to all of that, these ‘phones are smartphone friendly with their remote and mic. If you don’t need the remote, there is the X model available that comes in silver, it is 10 dollars cheaper as well. At 75 dollars, these will definitely bring you far.

The remote and mic these come with add to value if you are a smartphone user.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

NUForce really hasn’t lost its audiophile-quality roots with their bass-heavy NE700Ms. The headphones have excellent, fun bass. However, NU don’t forget there are 19500 more hertz that the human can hear; bass is not everything. The headphones are crafted to perfection and really scream quality when you look at them. This is definitely a job well done by NUForce.

I’d like to thank Jessica for the review samples!

Overall Score

NUForce NE700M

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