Sprint Plans to Launch the iPhone, According to Rep

The Beatweek Magazine reports that they have been shown some screenshots of a conversation between a customer and one of Sprint’s support representatives, who’s name was disclosed as Jessica. In the conversation, the customer simply asked “Is there any possibility of an iPhone on Sprint in the near future?,” which recieved a reply of “Please know that we are planning to launch the phone” and then a reminder that there is no official release date for the product.

Bill Palmer, author of the article, reminds all readers that there is a possibility of the rep simply telling the customer this to stop him from leaving/not choosing the carrier by giving a hope of the future. Surprisingly enough though, the rep did not try to convince the customer that Android is better than an iPhone as most normally do. Instead, it seems that she tried a different method of keeping a customer by telling him that there will be a product he wanted.

Is it real? You’ll probably find out when the iPhone 5 releases, for Sprint or not.

[Beatweek Magazine via TNW]

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