MacDefender Malware Gone for Good?

A raid on a Russian firm may have put an end to the MacDefender malware that has been infecting OS X machines for the past few months. As you may remember, MacDefender was one of the first notable malware programs on Apple’s OS, so it made headlines on more than one occasion. Luckily for less-than-savvy users, it looks like MacDefender is no more. Apple stopped updating malware definitions in File Quarantine for MacDefender on June 18th, which means that the programmer behind it has stopped developing new variants to bypass Apple’s security.

On June 23, Russian police arrested Pavel Vrublevsky, the co-founder of Russian online payment giant ChronoPay and a major player in the fake AV market.


In May, I wrote about evidence showing that ChronoPay employees were involved in pushing MacDefender — fake AV software targeting Mac users. ChronoPay later issued a statement denying it had any involvement in the MacDefender scourge.

But last week, Russian cops who raided ChronoPay’s offices in Moscow found otherwise. According to a source who was involved in the raid, police found mountains of evidence that ChronoPay employees were running technical and customer support for a variety of fake AV programs, including MacDefender.

It’s unknown how tightly connected the two incidents are, but either way, Mac users don’t need to worry about MacDefender for the foreseeable future.


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