Exclusive: Is This The iPhone 5, Spotted On Live Television?

iFans forum member iAmZeggy has tipped us with a photo of what he believes to be the upcoming iPhone 5, spotted by himself right on live television. The British native was watching an undisclosed television show on Tuesday evening that involved actors showing off illusions in front of large crowds of people. Then, to Zeggy’s surprise, there was a suited man in this television crowd carrying what is perceived to be the next-generation iPhone right in his hands.

The phone appears to have much more curvature in comparison to the iPhone 4, yet doesn’t look like the iPhone 3GS because it has less curved edges with a flush back. I remain skeptical of these blurry pictures, as it could easily be an iPhone 4 in a bumper case, but it’s still interesting to speculate about as we near the rumored launch of the next iPhone.


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