Undelete SMS Recovers Your iPhone’s Deleted Text Messages

If you have ever mistakenly deleted a text message on your iPhone, there’s a solution for you—if you’re willing to pay. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, Undelete SMS is a tweak available in Cydia that can recover your lost text messages and display them in plain text. The tweak, which is $7 under the BigBoss repository, isn’t guaranteed to work and is only recommended for actively used iPhones that have not been restored within a recent period of time. The only thing to mull over prior to purchasing this tweak is whether or not your deleted text messages are worth paying a hefty seven dollars to retrieve.

“Undelete SMS analyzes remnant deleted data that has not yet been overwritten by new data. While Undelete SMS can often produce useful results from an actively used phone (or backup from an actively used phone), it will not work on a freshly restored device.”


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