Report: Safari Users Are Smarter Than Internet Explorer Users

Ever since the release of more standards-compliant browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, there has been a large amount of people that have had negative connotations towards the default browser on Windows, Internet Explorer. A lot of the times, Internet Explorer users are pegged as being tech illiterate or unintelligent altogether. Well, according to Vancouver-based consulting company Aptiquant, Internet Explorer users might in fact be “dumber” than average. The company hosted an online IQ test consisting of over 100,000 different people, and then determined the results based on the different browsers that were used to take the test. The results?

Update: The study has beenĀ disproven as an elaborate hoax.

With just a look at the graphs in the report, it comes out pretty clear that Internet Explorer users scored lower than average on the IQ tests. Chrome, Firefox and Safari users had just a teeny bit higher than average IQ scores. And users of Camino, Opera and IE with Chrome Frame had exceptionally higher IQ levels.

The conclusions of this survey shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but they’re still interesting nonetheless.

[The Loop via Cult of Mac]

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