Digital Cameras Will Soon Be Topped By iPads, Smartphones

Tablets and smartphones continue to outsell single-purpose portable electronics such as handheld game consoles, music players, and GPS navigational systems. According to market research firm IHS iSuppli, the digital camera can now be added to the list of standalone devices that will soon become overpowered by multipurpose devices like the iPhone.

After all, the iPhone 4 has become the most commonly used camera on Flickr and can take fairly decent shots followed up with impressive editing functionality available depending on the software that you install on your device. IHS iSuppli predicts that digital camera sales will begin to decline beginning later this year.

“The success of multipurpose electronic equipment, often coming at the expense of devices dedicated to a single task, is reshaping the landscape of the consumer electronics industry,” wrote IHS analyst Jordan Selburn. “[Tablets are] truly a jack of all trades — and master of most.”

While the iPhone does tout a fairly astounding camera for being a smartphone, I cannot imagine it taking over the digital camera industry entirely. Point-and-shoot digital cameras may see their sales numbers decline, but there are still several different kinds of professional cameras such as those with digital SLR that cannot be replaced with an iPhone.


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