Homemade Lego Stand for iPad with Fully Functional Drawers

One of our iFans community members NoJoDeL likes to bring out his inner childhood by building various stands, mounts, and other accessories entirely out of Lego blocks. Today, he took it upon himself to not only design a stand for the iPad, but one that has fully functional drawers. The stand, comprised of around one hundred Lego blocks in various shades of blue, is secure enough to hold the weight of an iPad above several sliding drawers.

It took NoJoDeL about one hour to complete this latest project, which is the first Lego creation that he has posted since last year. If you’ve created or come across a unique homemade accessory for the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, feel free to share—who knows, the best ones might even get featured. Hit the jump for another look at this stand and some other Lego inventions by this user.

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