Apple Event LIVE MetaBlog On iPtF


We’ll be running a live metablog right here on iPod touch Fans later today to cover the big Apple event, so keep your eyes on the front page.

The metablog will open just prior to the event and we’ll be showcasing all the news and views as well as the occasional bit of chat from your friendly site mods.

We’ll also be making some App Store promo code drops for a bunch of really great games so keep iTunes open to try and grab one of the codes on offer in the live meta-blog.  Guerilla Bob, Minigore, Tumblebugs, Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Dracula Path Of The Dragon, Arachnadoodle, Mission Deep Sea, Sudoko 365 Puzzle Club, Speed Forge Extreme, Timeloop, Ragdoll Legends and String’ Em In will all be on offer and up for grabs, courtesy of the brilliant developers and promoters at Chillingo, TAITO and Connect2Media.

[n.b. a US iTunes account is required to redeem App Store promotional codes]
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