iPad Beats Xoom in Sales, by the Millions

As Mac Rumors noted today, the Apple iPad has simply crushed its chief competitor – the Motorola Xoom – in the amount of total devices sold. You may remember from Apple’s financial call last week that the company sold 9.2 million iPads in this year’s third quarter and was selling every iPad that they could manufacture. Just last week, they finally caught up with the orders and started shipping them in a much speedier 1-3 business days.

These large numbers in comparison with the Motorola Xoom’s mere 440,000 show that the Android tablet has ultimately failed in an attempt to compete with the iPad. Additionally, Motorola expects to sell 1.3 to 1.5 million Xooms this year, whereas Apple currently sells an average 1.5 million iPads every two weeks, notes Dan Frommer.

Statistics aside, the iPad is an amazing device that has won much critical acclaim in the industry and anyone who can sell nearly one half of a million devices in the market is to be commended. But then the user must consider the OS, which many have – only to reject it.

[Mac Rumors]

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