Return of Android Handsets Number 30-40% for Some Devices

Two days ago, TechCrunch learned of “Android’s dirty secret” from “a person familiar with handset sales for multiple manufacturers.” If proven to be true, the secret itself is astounding. According to their source, some Android device returns range from 30-40%. Compared to the iPhone 4′s Antennagate issue of 2010 which was merely 1.7% in returns, this is absurd.

TechCrunch explains the reason for this as Android not making sense to the non-nerd folk. They say that “For us nerds, Android makes a lot of sense. It’s ostensibly open platform (but not really) that offers far more flexibility to the programmer, carrier, and, ideally, the user.” The problem is that for the “average” phone user, “Android is a maze.” I’ve heard this many times from people all over, though in different context of course.

They go on to say that people buy Android phones to “Think Different” and not be an Apple or BlackBerry fan like every other person on Earth. But then everyone began doing this and it seemed there was a conversion taking place. Due to Tuesday’s stats, it now seems that this conversion is only the opposite of its appearance.

Just a few minutes ago, we posted how Android is the most common smartphone OS, but Apple is the largest handset maker. Apple’s iOS could also be named the most user-friendly OS, but then there are the pieces left out of the picture – like WebOS and BlackBerry. Still, Android does not fully seem to be satisfying all customers as it should, and hopefully Google can change this from a “nerd’s” OS to one that all users will love.

Earlier this month, Google was proud to announce that Android activations have come to number more than 550,000 per day on average. But do these numbers actually mean anything now? They could have 1 million activations per day, but if 300,000-400,000 of them were returned, then to what avail?


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