Nintendo 3DS Slashed to $169 to Compete with Apple, Sony

Nintendo announced Thursday a $80 discount on the suggested retail price of the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console. The Nintendo 3DS, which has retailed for $249.99 since its release in March, will now sell for just $169.99 beginning on August 12. The price reduction of the 3DS follows poor sales of the gaming device, which Nintendo places at 830,000, as well as increasing competition from both Apple and Sony. Nintendo, once a dominant force in the gaming industry, faced poor financial results during the past fiscal quarter with reported losses of over $300 million.

Apple has been marketing the iPod touch for its gaming experience since 2009, when the company called its third-generation iPod touch the “funnest iPod ever.” Since then, the company has released countless commercials for the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad with an emphasis on gaming. Apple’s marketing seems to have worked, as games are consistently ranked among the top downloaded free and paid applications on the App Store.

Sony is also prepping for their upcoming launch of the PlayStation Vita handheld gaming console. The Vita is the successor to the PlayStation Portable and will feature two analog joysticks with a touchscreen interface akin to the iPod touch and Nintendo 3DS. The device is slated at just $250, so this could have been a motivating factor for Nintendo to announce the price cut on the 3DS.


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