‘Guerrilla Bob’ – The Mad Dual-Stick Shooter is Out!

Dual-stick shooters have made a huge success on the AppStore, especially with the ever-so-famous Minigore.

To hopefully double that success, AngryMob Games have come out with their newest title: Guerrilla Bob.

It features a fixed storyline, unlike Minigore: Guerrilla Bob battles it out with his old high school friend, John Gore, who both went their seperate ways and have gradually turned against each other.

It comes with mutliple weapons, and about 7 levels.  Each time you lose all all your lives, you must restart the game, easy or hard.

So far, this seems like the best dual-stick shooter out there, combing with the other best shooter, Minigore. Therefore, it seems like a safe purchase:

Guerrilla Bob ($2.99)

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