PasswordPilot Auto-Fills Your iTunes Password

If you are a heavy App Store user, you have probably become aggravated by the amount of times that you are prompted to re-enter your Apple ID password. Apple used to allow for you to authenticate once and then download as many apps as you desired for 15 minutes, but the company changed their policy after dilemmas such as kids overspending on in-app purchases in Smurfs Village. Presently, that policy is to re-authenticate after every single download—quite frustrating, indeed. The solution? PasswordPilot.

PasswordPilot is a free jailbreak tweak, designed by Italian developer Filippo Biga, that automatically fills in your iTunes password when prompted by the App Store. After installing the utility from Cydia, you must go to your device’s settings, tap on the PasswordPilot tab, and fill in your password once. Don’t worry, it will be automatically saved and encrypted. You can grab this tweak on Cydia under the BigBoss repository (soon) or Biga’s repository:


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