Application Review: Geospin

Geospin is an app based on the rotation of various 3D geometric shapes. Each side of the 3D shape has a corresponding 2D figure in the myriad of rotating shapes that clutter the sides of the screen. Your mission is to drag all the 2D shapes onto 3D sides until all figures are used. This game boasts vivid colors, three different game modes, and a very interesting choice of music.

Gameplay and Controls

The 3D figure with shapes orbiting around it is rotated with swipes, while the 2D figures are controlled by dragging. All of the 2D figures must be dragged onto symmetric sides of the 3D shape to pass the level. This playstyle offers an original, entertaining new way to experience a game.

The interface itself is very simple and intuitive, but the implementation of it seems to have a few problems: the shapes are occasionally unresponsive or move in short, inelegant bursts. To ensure the best possible testing environment, I made sure to clear all background processes and operate with plenty of RAM, so it’s clear that my device was not the cause of the problem.

This game is based on points, and there are various ways to increase your point multiplier. You can get a Shape Order Bonus by dragging shapes in the specified order, or a Color Order Bonus by dragging shapes in the specified color; but be quick or the Combo Timer will run out, leaving you at a measly x1 multiplier.

Gameplay and Controls: ★★★★

Presentation and Graphics

Geospin has a menu screen that lies on the border between vibrant and garish. It’s full of spinning text, shapes, and bright colors that rather hurt the eye to look at for extended periods of time. I, personally, cringe a bit whenever I look at the screen. A more clean-cut, professional look would have served better to draw in an audience.

The graphics of this game are “cartoony” and childish, indicating its targeted age group to be younger children. Basically, the graphics aren’t great, but aren’t horrible either–average, for this genre of game.

Presentation and Graphics: ★★★½


Earlier, I mentioned the soundtracks in the app. They range from nauseatingly annoying to quite decent, confusing my judgment on whether the developer spent time searching for good music, or took random music that happened to be lying in the vicinity. For example, the menu’s music is infuriatingly painful to listen to, while the actual, upbeat game music is conducive to a good game. In essence, the soundtracks flits between extremes.
Audio: ★★★

Replay Value

Geospin is a game without levels or definite achievements; it’s centered on your motivation to surpass your previous scores. If you like wild, fast-paced games, you’ll definitely come back to play it over and over again. But if such games aren’t to your liking, the game is average, or perhaps even mediocre. Personally, I find it quite addicting and it justifies a high score in this area.

Replay Value: ★★★★


At $0.99, Geospin is a fun, colorful game, with a price tag acceptable for something of this caliber. It offers hours of enjoyment, with decent, clean graphics and gameplay. 99¢ is a justifiable price for a game like this. The little things (small glitches, bugs, etc.) bring the score down a little though.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

Geospin is a decent game available in the App Store. It’s not amazing, but it isn’t horrible; it’s right in the middle, maybe leaning towards the better side. If you like fast-paced, quick games, this is a neat app to have, but there are other apps that offer more for the same price.

Overall Score


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