SwiftKey X Keyboard for Android Free for the Day

Amazon is giving away the predictive SwiftKey keyboard for free today (normally $3.99) through their very own Android Appstore. SwiftKey uses an intelligent prediction engine to correct mistakes, making it one of the most accurate keyboards available for Android. The vanilla keyboard on Google’s mobile OS can be ducking terrible at times, making alternatives like Swype and SwiftKey almost necessary.

SwiftKey X doesn’t actually read your mind. It so accurately predicts your next word using TouchType’s Fluency Prediction Engine. It analyzes billions of background texts, user-specific vocabulary, and even how you use language when you send a text message, e-mail, or post on Facebook and Twitter. SwiftKey X supports nine languages, and you may download as many as you would like. It will support the use of three languages simultaneously.

SwiftKey is able to analyze your email, Twitter, Facebook, and text messages (after explicit authorization, of course) to learn your typing style and create a personalized dictionary. Multiple settings are available to fine tune the keyboard to your preferred level of error correction, making it great for both the speedy typist and fat-fingered hunt-and-pecker. It’s extremely easy to switch between keyboards if you want to revert back to default, so hit the link below to try it out.


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