ChromeOS for the MacBook Air Released

Hexxeh has released a build of ChromeOS for the MacBook Air, allowing users to try out Google’s cloud-based operating system on Apple hardware. Installation will require you to partition the SSD and wipe OS X clean, so make sure to have a Time Machine backup handy. If you’re planning to start from scratch with Lion anyway, now is a good time to fiddle around with ChromeOS. Support for dual-booting is in the works, but Hexxeh notes that he is “not interested in supporting dual-boot in general because it can be complex“. 

I’ve only tested this on an 11″ model of the Air (MacbookAir3,1), since that’s all I have, but I should think it’d work without issue on the 13″ version (MacbookAir3,2) too. I’ve also not tested previous generations of the Macbook Air, but I suspect they’ll work too. Infact, this image will probably work on quite a number of nVidia-based Macbook/Macbook Pro machines. I won’t be supporting anything but the MacbookAir3,1 and MacbookAir3,2 but if it just happens to work for you on something else, great!


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