Devs Pulling Out of US App Store Over Fear of Lawsuit

Patent trolls like Lodsys have made doing business in the US “far too dangerous” for app developers like Simon Maddox. Even the developer of Twitteriffic, Craig Hockenberry, has tweeted about the worsening patent situation. The risk of being sued is growing as companies take advantage of the antiquated patent system, and indie developers don’t have access to the resources to fight back. For most software engineers on the App Store, the United States is one of the largest sources of revenue, so having to withdraw from a critical customer pool means that many devs will have to shut their doors—legal fees and settlements can be far more devastating than lost revenue.

If the patent trolls aren’t stopped, it could mean the end to the availability of many great applications in the US. Apple previously fought back against Lodsys, but the patent holding firm has continued to file claims against developers.


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