Play DVDs on an iPad, No Jailbreak Required

The inventive geeks over at Hack a Day have discovered a way to playback DVDs on the iPad without the need for an attached DVD player or jailbreak. The method uses VLC running on a Mac (or any Unix OS with Apache installed) to beam the DVD to the iPad, which is able to view the stream through Safari. Since it uses a bone-fide webserver, it works over both LAN and the Internet (if you have an external IP). The setup requires some command-line fu, but shouldn’t be too difficult to run if you’ve ever goofed around with terminal.

The full instructions along with the VLC command line arguments can be found in the video description on YouTube.

Basic instructions: Download and install VLC

2. Add application/x-mpegURL m3u8 and video/MP2T ts to mime.types for your apache server

3. Enable your server

4. Add a stream folder to the root of your web directory

5. Insert the dvd and run the vlc command line with the title and chapter set to the right ones for the DVD and the output to the stream folder in your web directory

6. Check that there is a prog_index.m3u8 file in your stream folder – might take up to 30 seconds for the dvd to startup and begin encoding

7. type yourserver.ip/pathto/stream/prog_index.m3u8 into the browser on your ipad

[Hack a Day]

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