Apple Adds 7-Day Return Policy to Taiwanese App Store

To conform to Taiwanese consumer protection laws, Apple has now added a 7 day return policy to the Taiwanese App Store. This option is not available in the states, where users must contact Apple explicitly for a refund and hope for the best. It’s unlikely that Apple will standardize this policy, as they are generally very selective about returns. The Android Market originally offered a 24 hour return window, but later reduced it to just 15 minutes. Being able to test applications would be a very welcome option for hesitant buyers, and could increase sales from impulse buying.

You may cancel your purchase within seven (7) days from the date of delivery and iTunes will reimburse you for the amount paid, provided you inform iTunes that you have deleted all copies of the product. Upon cancellation you will no longer be licensed to use the product. This right cannot be waived.


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