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When I first saw the preview of From A to B, I was very surprised. The design was simple, as were the graphics, and yet it seemed so enjoyable. My experience with puzzle games led me to believe that after a few levels, the game would get predictable, boring, and easy. These assumptions were completely wrong. After a few levels, I noticed that something as simple as getting a car from point A to B became challenging.

Gameplay and Controls

The whole objective of this game is to draw a path for the car to get from point A to point B. Simple enough, right? Not quite. The tools you have are very limited, but sufficient. You have to lay down various pieces of road in different directions to get the car to it’s destination.

The game offers two modes: Free Play and Puzzle Play. Free play allows you an unlimited number of road pieces and an unlimited amount of gas for each level. Don’t let this fool you though, the levels still get harder as you progress.

In free play mode, you have unlimited road tracks and gas to reach point B.

Puzzle play is made to make you think. You have a limited amount of road pieces and a limited amount of gas. Puzzle Play is definitely much harder than Free play. Puzzle Play is definitely more challenging than Free Play.

In puzzle play mode, you have a limited number of road pieces and gas to get to point B.

Each mode has its pros and cons. Free Play is great to get accustomed to the game or just to play it through without the extra hassle of restrictions. The downside to this is that it is noticeably easier than Puzzle Play, and may not be for the people yearning the full challenge of a puzzle game.

Puzzle Play is great for users who want to think and who don’t mind constant trial and error. The downfall is that it can become very, and I do mean very, frustrating at times. Another little fun fact about this game is that most puzzles have only one solution when in puzzle play so things can get very fun irritating when you are trying and trying to solve them.

The controls of this game are very simple: you get tracks of road down at the bottom of the screen that you have to place on the “field”. You can do this either by individually selecting the road piece by tapping it and then tapping where you want it to go, or you can just trace a pattern on the “field” and the road tracks will show up accordingly.

One thing that bothers me is when I draw a path and it sometimes goes haywire meaning it will go up or down and continue the path. Now, this may be because I have large fingers, but I just feel like this game would fit perfectly for the iPad as an iPad exclusive app. Still, these things do not hinder the gameplay in huge ways.

Gameplay and Controls: ★★★★


Since this is a puzzle game, there are no “scenes of intense battle” or “epic clips” that would require stunning graphics. It is simply a “board” type platform that one lays down road on. The graphics are simple, but effective. Time was taken to make them fit the game without over, or under, doing it. The one thing that is noticeable about the graphics is that they all work together. All graphics have the same “style” as mentioned above and nothing strays from that style; they all fit together.

The menus of the game are also very simplistic. When you first open the game you choose to Play, Achievements, or Credits. If you choose “Play” you will be brought to two more options: Free Play or Puzzle Play. After you choose either one, you are presented with the second menu: boxes that have road pieces in them or closed boxes. Boxes that are open are playable, boxes that aren’t, aren’t. And finally, the last menu is the level chooser. On this menu you can see what levels are completed and which ones aren’t. You can play the next level or even redo a level that you already solved.


These are the menus, in order, that you see when beginning the game. The first one (top left) lets you choose between Free Play and Puzzle Play. The second one (top right) shows which “set” of levels you are on. The last one (bottom middle) shows what levels are completed and which one to select.

Graphics: ★★★★


If there is one thing I have noticed about this game, it is that no matter how many times I got frustrated and put it down, I always found myself picking it back up. This was because the game was both challenging and addicting. There will also be times where you are so frustrated you simply cannot keep playing. There will be other times where you just can’t put it down. I do not view this game as being a “when I’m bored” game, but more as a “I want to get back to it” kind of game. I found it highly addicting, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a challenging puzzle game.

Another reason to keep playing the game are the achievements. There are currently seventeen Game Center achievements that you can accomplish. These achievements range from completing the first level with all three stars to catching fifty ferries, so all of them aren’t exactly easy to get.

These are just some of the achievements that you can get.

Replay: ★★★★½


For only $0.99 you can have probably one of the best puzzle games to hit the App Store. With five sets of levels containing eighteen levels in each, and a sixth set on the way, combined with the growing difficulty of each level, you will never get bored of this game. Heck, I have had it for a while now, and still haven’t beat it. Oh and by the way, that is ninety levels!

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

This game has changed the way I think about puzzle games. It went against every notion I had of it being boring, predictable, and easy. I am not one for puzzle games on iDevices, but I definitely love this one. It offers a lot of levels, with growing difficulty, that can keep the player busy for hours. I definitely recommend this to anyone who thinks they are up for the challenge.

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Thanks to Christian Fudge for the promo code.

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