TSMC to Build Apple’s A6 Processor?

Reuters reports that Apple has solicited TSMC to trial manufacture the next-gen A6 processor, which will likely be used in future iPhones and iPads. Samsung has traditionally been the one-and-only supplier of Apple’s processors, but legal disputes between the two companies may be wedging them apart. Apple may split the job between both Samsung and TSMC, as to not put all their eggs in one basket.

“It has to redesign the chipset, which Samsung has been deeply involved from the beginning and has some intellectual property. Apple could try various suppliers but they (Samsung and Apple) need each other and the relationship will continue.”

There are also rumors that Apple would be switching to A-model processors in the MacBook Air. If the engineers at Cupertino move all machines to an in-house chipset design, it would make sense to diversify orders in case the thread between them and Samsung snaps.


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