PressReader: Newspapers At Your Fingertips

I never really caught on to the whole digital newspaper experience until I tried PressReader, a free download in the App Store. With a monthly subscription, PressReader delivers over 1,900 digital newspaper publications to your iPad. You can browse or search through the different newspapers offered and, with a subscription, download any publication that you wish. There are thousands of local, national, and international newspapers that are obtainable right at your fingertips in iPad-optimized fashion.

Every newspaper that is offered is available from cover-to-cover, including top stories, sports, weather, and even advertisements. I find it very relaxing to tap, scroll, or pinch-to-zoom when reading these digital publications, whereas a physical newspaper can become very frustrating because of the constant need to fold or turn the pages. Honestly, who wants to get a newspaper at their doorstep nowadays anyways? PressReader is like Netflix for newspapers.

Downloading the newspapers took between two to five minutes on average, depending on the size of the newspaper and the speed of my Wi-Fi connection at that time. You’ll need to fork out $29.95 per month if you want unlimited monthly access to as many newspapers as you wish to download. If you’re just a casual reader, there is a 99 cents pay-as-you-go subscription available for purchasing single newspaper editions. For comparison purposes, the iPad-optimized newspaper publication “The Daily” costs 99 cents per week, which is just access to a single edition for seven days, or $39.99 for a yearly subscription.

Full-size, cover-to-cover digital newspaper publication — easily tap, scroll, and pinch-to-zoom to read

When you download a newspaper, it is yours to keep for offline access even if your monthly subscription expires. Each publication has interactive features such as clickable web addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, as well as searching, sharing, and discussing articles. In addition to the iPad, PressReader is also available for iPhone and iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, webOS, Honeycomb, and Windows 7 slate PCs.

Over 1,900 local, national, and international publications available everyday in over 48 languages across 92 countries

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by PressReader, and it is virtually unrivaled by any other application available in the App Store. Its competitive prices and cross-platform compatibility only add to the usefulness of this app. Now, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll get back to reading the sports section in my local Toronto Star.

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