‘Raging Thunder 2′ Trailer – The Sequel to What Used to be Exclusive to Jailbroken Users

Raging Thunder was seen as the first real 3D racing epic on the AppStore when it first launched, until more and more filtered in.

In fact, it was so old that it was available even before the AppStore.  That’s right, before the AppStore launched, Raging Thunder was developed and made only available to jailbroken users, who could download it via a special installer.

Luckily, the AppStore gave them a chance to let it loose to thousands more users, and earn a bunch of cash.  Now, hoping to continue that success, Polarbit has released a brand new trailer showing off some gameplay to the second installment.


The trailer shows off quite a bit of content, but not enough.  They’ve said that Raging Thunder 2 is in it’s final development stages, and should release on the AppStore sometime in the coming months.

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