34% of iPhone Owners Believe That Their Device is 4G Capable

Not sure what to make out of this one, but apparently more than a third (of the sample group that was surveyed, of course) believe that their iPhone is a 4G device. That is wrong, as we all know that no device that Apple is currently selling is capable of supporting HSPA+, HSDPA+, WiMax, or LTE. ┬áThis is one of the findings by consumer research group retrevo, who polled a group of “more than 1,000 consumers” this past June.

This could speak to a number of things, though the study does go on to show that 29% of Android device owners think that their phone is 4G capable (which might be accurate; there are actual 4G Android devices on the market). 24% of BlackBerry owners believe the same.

Further, out of those who know what 4G is, one-third believe that it is too expensive for them to consider yet.

Most interesting is that 61% of iPhone owners do not care whether or not the next iPhone is going to be 4G capable. ┬áThat is a majority, and Apple has been known to serve them. It might be taken to mean that Apple won’t include a next-generation wireless radio in the iPhone 5.


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