Apple’s Chief Patent Lawyer is Set to Resign Soon

Image credit: Andrew F. Scott on FlickrApple has become the most sued technological company in the world since the release of the original iPhone over four years ago. Reuters, citing an anonymous source, is now reporting that Apple’s chief patent lawyer, Richard Hutton Jr., is set to leave the company soon; his departure may be as early as sometime next month. Hutton has been involved in many of Apple’s recent lawsuits, including the patent infringement battle with Samsung. The reason for Hutton’s departure has not been identified, and the report adds that a replacement has already been found.

According to his LinkedIn profile, BJ Watrous is now listed as Apple’s chief IP counsel. Watrous formerly served as deputy general counsel with Hewlett-Packard. When he assumes the role with Apple, Watrous will certainly have his hands full with many different patent lawsuits against Google, HTC, Samsung, and many other cell phone manufacturers.

“I believe Apple’s leadership wants to see results now, especially in connection with Google’s Android system,” said Germany-based intellectual property analyst and blogger Florian Mueller. “The second complaint against HTC shows that Apple feels it did not handle its patent litigation perfectly in the past.”


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