GetJar: “We’re not going to take it!”

GetJar, a free app store for Android, Blackberry, Java, and Symbian devices, received a cease and desist letter from Apple for using the term “App Store”. GetJar has served over 2 billion downloads since 2004 (years before the iPhone was even launched), and is widely respected by developers and users alike. They recently helped bring the popular iOS game, Cut the Rope, to Android for free.

Apple has used their weight to push around small developers before, and is even attempting to sue Amazon for using the “App Store” term. GetJar has decided that they “won’t be subject to this kind of bullying“, and have refused to cease and desist. They have started a Facebook Cause called The Open And Free App Movement to “encourage every pissed off developer, start-up, carrier, OEM or NGO who is fed up with this crap to make their voice heard”.

In conclusion, GetJar won’t be subject to this kind of bullying. We’re not going to “Cease & Desist”. We were here long before Steve & Co. We were built by developers, to help developers. Not to help sell handsets or search results. In the words of Twisted Sister: We’re not going to take it! Steve Jobs isn’t our Dad.

So if you give a damn and want to help please:



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