iPhone 6 to Feature New Charging Method, Thunderbolt?

According to sources for the Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 6 will feature a “new charging method”. It’s unknown what, exactly, this means, but short of something truly magical, there are only a handful of options. Induction-based charging solutions are available for the iPhone for wireless charging, but tamper-resistant casing and the lack of a removable battery makes it difficult to have an integrated solution that doesn’t require a bulky case. It could be a less exciting change too; Apple will most likely move to Thunderbolt in favor of USB in future devices. This would allow iTunes to sync in 1/10 the amount of time, and most 2011 Macs come with the port standard. Legacy support would be a huge issue, and PC users would be hard pressed to find a compatible machine. A Thunderbolt to 30-pin adapter is possible, but it’s not a very elegant solution.

The iPhone 5 is still a mystery, and the next-next-gen device won’t land until sometime in 2012. Apple is sure to be working on a number of innovations and modifications to the current design, and more rumors are sure to come.


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