The Designer Lounge #3

Third time’s the charm, and there’s definitely some charming themes, interviews, and more available to you at the read link. Thanks again to Ryan Kelly (a.k.a. Manic Nimrod) for putting this one together!

First up, the news:

  • Dreamboard, an alternative to Winterboard, is now free. Currently the creator hasn’t yet explained why this change has happened, but hopefully the solution will be revealed in the near future.
  • I’ve heard rumours of new version of Winterboard with Dreamboard built in but, of course, this is pure speculation and could be wishful thinking.
  • In June we saw the preview of iOS 5. All those new features… yum, can’t wait. What about the themes? Well, if Apple does the same as recent firmware releases, we’ll all have to reorganise/recreate themes to be compatible with iOS 5. I’ll update you on a later edition of the designer lounge if that is the case.

Click here to view the rest of the Designer Lounge #3, which includes reviews, interviews, and the cream of the crop of the theming world!

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