Google+ iOS App Awaiting Approval

According to Google employee Erica Joy, the Google+ app on iOS has been submitted to the App Store and is awaiting approval by Apple. She notes that the app was submitted “sometime prior to today”, so it is likely that is was first pushed out around the same time as the official Google+ announcement. The Android application is very polished, and works wonderfully. We expect the iOS app to be no different, though the interface will have the usual Cocoa Touch splash. There’s no word if the iPad version will be optimized for the additional screen real estate, but Google is generally very accommodating of tablet users.

Making it through the Apple gauntlet usually takes around two weeks, assuming Apple doesn’t reject it.

Invites for Google’s social network are still sparse, but it should be open to the public sometime soon.

For my iPhone using friends: the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App store (no not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval.
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