Comex’s iPad 2 Jailbreak Dropping Today or Tomorrow?

iPhoneItalia has gotten their hands on an email conversation between comex and MultiMediaWill, the individual responsible for leaking the JailbreakMe 3.0 exploit over the weekend. Some people were able to get their hands on the exploit before it was taken down and allegedly jailbreak the iPad 2 running iOS 4.3. The leaked exploit could result in Apple patching it in iOS 4.3.4, but it might have helped speed up the public release of the jailbreak.

The email conversation reveals some very interesting information about the timeline for comex’s iPad 2 jailbreak. At about 1 am this morning, July 4th, comex told MultiMediaWill that “… if no more issues come up, it should be ready by tomorrow.” This would peg the release date of the iPad 2 jailbreak at July 5th, but there’s even a slight possibility that it could be released today because the email was written just an hour past midnight. Like most rumors, this one should be taken lightly, but it’s still very exciting nonetheless.

[iPhoneItalia via iPhone Download Blog]

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