15 Widgets that are Available for Jailbroken iOS 5 Right Now

Forum member jonathanl374 has put together an extremely helpful list of all the widgets that are currently available for iOS 5 if you jailbreak. Currently there are 18 listed, though the list is going to be updated if or when more become available. Some are available today, though others are being kept under wraps until iOS 5 is officially shipping later this year. The widgets range froman RSS feed to a quick way to search Google. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. BatteryCenter - Shows the current battery percentage for the device (repo @ cydia.wrightscs.com)
  2. MusicCenter – Displays now playing music and controls to change and pause song or tweet your current song (repo @ cydia.wrightscs.com)
  3. MyiP – Shows your current ip address (repo @ thebigboss.org/ios5beta/)
  4. NotificationShower - Easily type a reminder or any unique text to your liking (repo @ thebigboss.org/ios5beta/)
  5. Nyan Cat – Nyan Cat animation (Search google here)
  6. OmniStat – Displays: battery percent, memory free, ip address, processes running, UDID, and more(repo @ thebigboss.org/ios5beta/)
  7. PowerCenter – Toggle lock,respring,reboot,view ip adress, uptime,cpu load,network,and more(repo @ cydia.wrightscs.com)
  8. QuickComposer - Send an email,text,tweet,make a note,or set a reminder (Not yet available till after iOS 5 release)
  9. RSSWidget – View an rss feed easily(repo @ thebigboss.org/ios5beta/)
  10. ScreenLocker - Lock screen rotation (repo @ thebigboss.org/ios5beta/)
  11. SlideCenter – Slide show of photos from the camera roll for the notification center (repo @ thebigboss.org/ios5beta/)
  12. Spring Prefs – Display system statistics(wifi,uptime,ip address,etc)(not yet available till after iOS 5 release)
  13. StatusGoogle - Quickly and easily search google (repo @ thebigboss.org/ios5beta/)
  14. UISettings – Toggle wifi,bluetooth,location,respring,reboot,safe mode, etc (repo @ qwertyoruiop.com/beta but is down; refer to here or use PowerCenter with more features)
  15. WeeFacebook – Use Facebook directly from notification center (repo @ thebigboss.org/ios5beta/)
  16. WeeTranslate - Translate to another language with Google’s translator engine (repo @ russello.me/repo/)
  17. WeeTwitter – Use Twitter to check tweets etc (Search Google here)
  18. WidgetTask – Multitask right from the notification center (Not yet available)

Again, that helpful list comes from jonathanl374 (stop by and say thanks!).

Considering that iOS 5 is still very much in a beta form, it’s fantastic to see that developers are already reaching in to the system and trying to make widgets for the OS. It’s opening a door that I was personally hoping to see Apple officially prop open, but this is the second best thing. Who knows, widgets for Notification Center might just be the next “killer” reason to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch!

Be sure to stop by the comments and give a shout out if you know of any other widgets!

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