Prototype iPhone 4 Hits eBay

Pytey, a member of the iPhone Dev-Team, has discovered an iPhone 4 prototype on eBay. While it cannot be activated on AT&T, we’re sure that any number of Apple fanboys would love to have it as a collector’s piece. The device is nearly identical to the final version, though there are no “+” and “-” markings on the volume buttons, and the model number is X’d out. It also has the code “DF1692″ etched into the front and rear glass to identify the employee to which it belonged (uh-oh). The bid is currently at $810 with 8 days remaining, and there is no guess as to how high it will go—or if it will even make it that long without being removed by Apple and eBay. Since the model number is missing and it cannot be activated, it’s unknown if it is 16 or 32 GB. It’s hard to tell how else the internals differ from the production units.

You are bidding on black Apple iPhone 4 XXGB PROTOTYPE/TESTER. Please review all detailed pictures

I did removed rear cover to examine the internal parts and it looks just like any GSM iPhone, NO WATER DAMAGE, does not appear to be ever taken apart. Serial number does not appear to be valid according to

Sim tray has serial number and IMEI No, when I ran it through database it says that the iPhone is a tester.


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