There are Now Over 25,000 Apps on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone Applist shows Windows Phone 7′s marketplace currently contains more than 25,000 apps. The marketplace has only existed for 263 days so to reach these numbers in such a small amount of time demonstrates that the OS is worthy of competing with Android and iOS; though the iPad did just reach 100,000 apps in only a little over a year. 51% of the 25,000 apps are free, 4,025 are inactive, and the paid apps average $1.48 each.

Windows Phone 7 has grown quite a bit since the last report of 15,000 in April and the growth is expected to increase with the release of their new Mango update, which is due later this year. Production of Mango devices is scheduled to start soon as well.

[TNW via BGR]

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