Verizon Data Charges Leaked

A brochure for Verizon’s new data package rates has been leaked, revealing a new $20 per month surcharge for tethering. As some consolation, customers who opt-in to the hotspot option will also receive an additional 2GB per month of bandwidth. Verizon has done away with unlimited plans, and now offers tiered plans which cap bandwidth allowance at $80 for 10GB. The cheapest plan for iPhone users will run $30 for 2GB per month, with each additional gigabyte costing $10, followed by a 5GB for $50. LTE users can pay $30 extra for unlimited tethering, but keep in mind that coverage is nowhere as wide as Big Red’s 3G network.

Sprint is the last major carrier to offer truly unlimited data plans, as highlighted in their ad campaigns. Lets hope they won’t buckle under the pressure to join the ranks of AT&T and Verizon. Verizon’s revised plans should be public next Thursday.

Reference: Verizon’s current rates.


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