The ‘Fieldrunners’ Update has Arrived

Fieldrunners’ long awaited update has arrived, bringing a handful of new features.

When it first released, everybody was amazed.  It was a simple tower-defense game that had so much replay value, and delivered tons of fun.

Since then, it was in the top 100 for weeks.  Now, as the AppStore has progressed, more tower-defense titles took over.

Bringing this title back up to par, Subatomic Studios have brought us two new maps a bunch of social networking features.

The two new maps include:

  • Frostbite

  • and Skyway

These maps are available as DLC (downloadable content) for $0.99 per map.

You can post your highscores online to compare locally, or against the world.  It also comes with support for Facebook and Twitter, as well as the ever-popular OpenFeint.

This update is free, so if you already own Fieldrunners, you can download it now.

Fieldrunners ($2.99)

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