Facebook Plans to “Launch Something Awesome” Next Week

Mark Zuckerberg told Reuters reporters that Facebook plans to “launch something awesome” next week. There have been rumors that the social network is finally building an iPad application, but a Facebook spokesman declined to elaborate on what exactly would be released. It was confirmed earlier this week that Geohot was hired by Facebook, but his specific role at the company is unknown. Since George Hotz is a mobile developer, it is speculated that he is working alongside the iOS development team.

It’s possible that the announcement will have nothing to do with mobile ; Google+ was released on Tuesday, and the early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Plus is a huge threat to Facebook, so the current social leader may be planing an “awesome” release to prevent users from jumping ship to Google’s fresh offering.

Facebook for iPhone was updated today to version 3.4.3 with bug fixes and improved security. Hit the App Store to update.


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