Security of iOS and Android Compared, Some Interesting Realizations

Ever since Android rose up and became a threat to the growing Apple iPhone empire, it’s been common to see fanboy wars. Bucking that trend, Symantec has released an “Analysis of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android,” where they try to decide which operating system is more secure, and where their respective weaknesses lie.

Both operating systems, unsurprisingly, offer more protection than any current desktop operating system. However, upon further inspection, iOS seems to be harder to infect with any traditional malware (due to Apple’s stringent certification process). Android, while still offering better protection than any desktop OS (yes, that includes Linux) is more at risk to these types of attacks, mostly due to how open and available Android app certifications are.

Beyond that, the second security hazard mentioned is based around the synchronization of web-based services down to apps on the phone. Symantec also states the obvious, in that jailbroken or rooted devices are at a much greater risk for being infected with malware and other software, as those “devices are every bit as vulnerable as traditional PCs.”

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[Symantec via RazorianFly]

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