Jailbreakme.com Updated, “It’s been far too long”

Jailbreakme.com, of iOS 4.x and iPhone OS 1.x jailbreaking fame, has been updated today. No, there’s no new jailbreak (as far as anyone can tell), though it’s possible that one is coming. The site is under the control of Comex, who released the iOS 4.x jailbreak that exploited a PDF security flaw in iOS last August.

Now, it seems, Comex believes it has been “far too long.” Based on various tweets since the iPad 2′s release, it appears that Comex has been working on a jailbreak for the device. So, could there be a light at the end of the non-jailbreaking tunnel for iPad 2 owners rapidly approaching? Who knows, but it does seem that a release could happen soon.

Dare I say it, but could Sunday be Funday?

Oh, and all that green text in the background is the history of commits from Comex to github. That could mean that a release is coming soon.


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