Apple Refunding Disappointed Final Cut Pro X Users

Apple has begun to issue refunds for Final Cut Pro X to users who filed complaints in the App Store. Apple is usually pretty stingy about iTunes sales, and even states that “all sales are final“, but the swarm of unhappy users may be too large for Cupertino to bear. The latest Final Cut moved to a iMovie-like interface, which Apple believes is superior to the previous versions of FCP, but also removed many essential features that professionals need. Many users are complaining that FCP X is more like a beefed up iMovie than true Final Cut sucessor, and while Apple is guaranteed to be working around the clock to build the necessary features to make the application worthy, this mess may be one of Apple’s worst.

“Moving forward, I understand that you are not satisfied with the app “Final Cut Pro”. I can certainly appreciate you would like a refund, and I would be more than happy to help you out with this today. In five to seven business days, a credit of £179.99 should be posted to the credit card that appears on the receipt for that purchase.

Please note that this is a one time exception because the iTunes Terms and Conditions state that all sales are final.”

Apple’s gaffe is especially embarrassing considering that Macs are regarded as machines for creative professionals. Final Cut has been used to edit many movies, including The Social Network, 300, and more. The dumbed down FCP X may been a boon for Adobe Premier, which is one of Final Cut’s most dangerous competitors.

If you requested a refund, expect an email shortly.


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