Nescaline brings NES emulation to the App Store

nes-consoleThough emulation is not at all new to our readers (it’s always fun to read through the old posts in our emulation section), it is a fairly new phenomenon on the App Store. Although a Commodore 64 emulator made it through the draconian approval process by licensing games from their original authors, general-purpose emulators allowing arbitrary ROMs have been elusive up until now. Nescaline, a NES emulator that allows you to play any ROM, has made it through the review process and is selling for a pricey-by-App-Store-standards $6.99. It seems it made the grade by virtue of being described as a way to play homebrew titles, although there is nothing preventing you from playing any other ROM out there. We’ll be surprised if this isn’t pulled soon, since Apple’s terms specifically prohibit interpreters that can run arbitrary code.

Update1: It appears that it has been pulled.

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