Analyst Believes iPhone 3GS is Here to Stay

BMO Capital’s Keith Bachman and his firm believe that the iPhone 3GS will maintain its position as the low-end iPhone, even after the release of the iPhone 5. Bachman’s position comes after Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore’s claimed yesterday that a new mid-range iPhone “4S” would be debuted alongside the iPhone 5 this Fall, which would seemingly render the iPhone 3GS obsolete. Whitmore cited that the new mid-range iPhone would be unlocked with a $349 price tag.

FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger also doubts the idea of a new low-end iPhone, citing that there are “no near-term plans for a low-end iPhone for emerging markets, or a new iPhone in a transparent case.” If the iPhone 3GS does indeed remain in Apple’s current product lineup, it’ll be the first iPhone to have been available for over three years.

[AppleInsider | Image]

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