RIM developers jumping ship for iOS and Android

As Blackberry loses market share, groups like Seesmic are ditching RIM for iOS and Android. Seesmic, known for their Social Media applications, has stopped all development for RIM. Other smaller companies, likeĀ Purple Forge Corp.(a political polling group), have also stopped developing RIM apps, even though the 2012 political season is well under way and exposure would seem more important.

As soon as RIM brought in a touchscreen and mixed it with a thumbwheel, a keyboard and shortcut keys, it made it really difficult and expensive to develop across devices,” said Purple Force CEO Brian Hurley, in an interview with Bloomberg. “What Apple scored big on is having a touch screen and a button and that’s it.

In 2010 RIM’s global market share was a healthy 19.7%. This year, they have fallen to a much smaller 12.9% share, causing concern among investors.


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