Woman trading virginity for iPhone 4? Think again

Many blogs are spreading a report about a young woman in China offering her virginity for an iPhone 4. As sensational as this story may appear, let’s look a bit deeper (no pun intended) into the facts.

The story was originally written by Christopher Kim. Mr. Kim clearly lists himself as an Intern Reporter for the Korea Herald, so the validity of the story is already under suspicion. A quick Google of Mr. Kim’s job title provides numerous results – most of which debunk “Intern Reporter” stories as false, in some cases even leading to litigation. (Note: an Intern Reporter is a filler. They are unpaid, unvetted, and unexperienced.)

Second, the only other major news agency picking this up is AsiaOne. AsiaOne is well known as a tabloid agency and many of their stories have been proven false.

Third, and finally, why are no Chinese new agencies posting this story? You would think at least one local news agency would interview her, right?

Bottom line: Look how few actual news agencies are reporting this story.  It’s all blogs.

Still, this raises a question of utmost importance: what would you do for a mobile device like an iPhone or Honeycomb tablet?

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