Headphone Review: Brainwavz M3

Even through being a fairly new company to the headphone industry and iFans alike, Brainwavz have been able to make a name for themselves through their ambition to create high quality headphones at an affordable price. Brainwavz created many headphones, each better than the last. The Brainwavz M3 is Brainwavz’s old flagship model that has been de-throned by the B2. The M3 headphones offer a sleek design, good audio quality, plenty of build quality, delightful comfort quality, and an overall great bang for the buck.


  • 10.7mm Dynamic Drivers
  • 20 ohm (+/- 10%) Impedance
  • 115 dB Sensitivity
  • 20 – 20000 Hz Frequency Response

In The Box

  • Brainwavz M3 Headphones
  • Pocket Carrying Case
  • 4 Sets of Eartips (1 set of comply mediums, 3 sets of silicone hybrid tips)
  • Shirt Clip
  • 2 Eargliders (1 set)

The headphones come with a nice supply of accessories.


The M3s offer a sleek and stylish design that is bright and lively. Each asymmetrical earpiece is a glossy black that is composed of plastic. They also have a nice brushed, silver, and metal piece on them that have the right and left markers embossed into them. Each stem has a plastic silver are that has the Brainwavz M3 name silk-screened on it. The overall design on the headphones is really pleasant and nice. It’s a simple design that can stand out if it needed to.

The Brainwavz offer a really beautiful asymmetrical design.

Design: ★★★★★


Brainwavz is well known for their audio quality, and these headphones are no different. The sound of the headphones was very dynamic within the first 40 hours of burn in, but they eventually settled in.


The bass extends pretty deep with impact, but can dig a little deeper. They are tight and punchy. The bass is balanced really well and can’t really intrude with any other parts of the spectrum. The bass was beautifully done, nothing overdone, nothing underdone; the lows have a nice balance of boomyness, impact, and quantity.Bass: ★★★★½


The mids are well balanced with the lows which makes them very pleasant to listen to. They have plenty of details that can be heard if you listen for everything. These headphones are audiophile grade for sure with the amount of detail that smacks you right in the middle of your face. There is clarity, but some of the mids find themselves in the back seat sometimes; this rarely ever occurred. The thin mids were great, analytical, and a joy to listen to.

Mids: ★★★★½


The highs were nice, but sounded a little recessed, just a little though. The treble was clear with lots of details, but could have used a little more clarity. The highs on the M3 were definitely made to be analytical. They are bright with plenty of sparkle that gives the headphones lots of life. The highs on these are lively with some flare to them!

Highs: ★★★★

Noise Isolation

I found the noise isolation to be above average, but just a little. The isolation isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worst either. These headphones don’t have a deep insertion, so the isolation definitely isn’t going to be the best. The isolation is still tolerable though as it does cancel out a lot of noise and works pretty well.
Noise Isolation: ★★★★


The microphonics on the M3s aren’t that great. They do include a clip, but that doesn’t entirely solve the problem. Wearing them over the ears doesn’t entirely solve the problem either, only makes them livable. When you mix the two methods together, the problem is almost completely solved. However, jumping through hoops and over ladders is not a way to fix a problem like microphonics. The included clip helps though, and there is a way to fix the problem, so I’ll give Brainwavz that.

Even though they come with a clip, it doesn’t entirely solve the microphonics problem.

Microphonics: ★★★½

Ignoring the microphonics and noise isolation, this is probably one of the best warmer, analytical pair of headphones I’ve ever used. Sure the treble can be a little much at the most rare of times, but the rest of the spectrum is great! Brainwavz did a number on these headphones and they sound amazing, if it wasn’t for the microphonics and noise isolation scores bring it down, it’d be an easy 4.5.

Audio: ★★★★


The build quality on the M3s is either hit or miss, but mostly hits. The plastic on each earpiece is not only stylish, but very durable indeed. It’s not crushproof, but nothing really is. At the end of each nozzle is a metal mesh cap that will protect the driver from big particles, inside of that is a foam that further prevents smaller particles from getting in. The earpieces don’t have a stress relief however, instead they just have a long stem, which doesn’t work as well as a stress relief, but is better than nothing.

The cable is a mixed story. Although the box itself says that the cable was tangle free, I found it to be quite tangle prone; even after I wrapped it nice and neat and put it it’s included case. The rest of the cable is great. The cable is thin, but don’t let that scare you off. The thin cable is extremely rugged and definitely is strong enough to withstand abuse.

The end of the cable leads you straight to the angled headphone jack. The angle is at an approximated 45 degrees. The headphone jack itself looks rugged and durable; it’s also gold plated. I was really pleased with the headphone jack that Brainwavz used since it seems very strong and promising in terms of durability.

The headphone jack on the Brainwavz is really durable and ruggedly built.

The Brainwavz M3 come with a nice case that is not only strong, but also very stylish. The case has a nice silvery plate on the top that has the Brainwavz logo boldly bestowed on it. It’s small, but a little thicker though.

The case that the M3s has the Brainwavz logo on a silver plate on it.

The M3s may have some problems in the build quality, but overall it’s still good and built rugged. It definitely looks like it can take a beating and will still run good as new afterwards.

Build: ★★★★


The M3s are really comfortable. Although they have an asymmetrical shape to them, they are actually comfortable since they conform really nicely to your ears. They can be worn over the ear, but I did find it would be a little difficult to get a perfect seal wearing it this way, but it is possible. The headphones come with what seem to be Sony Hybrid tips, but aren’t. They are still top notch as I couldn’t tell the difference between them and the real things. The tips are extremely comfortable. There are also earhooks included for your convenience and comfort. Overall, the Brainwavz M3 are just very comfortable.

The M3s not only come with comfortable tips, but also earhooks for your comfort.

Comfort: ★★★★½


The Brainwavz M3s cost just under 90 dollars whether you’re from the US or outside of it. US residents can purchase these via Amazon and non-US residents do it via MP4Nation. 90 dollars may seem steep for a pair of headphones for some, but at this price, they are actually quite worth it. They offer much better audio quality than many other headphones in this price range that keep every detail intact while still going towards the warmer, more popular signature. The build and comfort are good, if not great. These headphones are definitely well worth the 90 dollars you shell out for them, they look good and sound good.

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Brainwavz has definitely delivered high end quality with their sub-90 dollar M3s. They offer great sound, stylish design, and are comfortable beyond belief. If you are looking for a good pair of headphones that is warm, but doesn’t ignore details, these are the way to go.

I’d like to thank Raz for sending me the product sample to do this review.

Final Score

Available On Amazon (US) | Available On MP4Nation (Not US)


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