Google’s Next Flagship Phone to be Called “Nexus Prime”

Earlier this month, BGR reported that Google is planning to release another superphone to set the bar for the competition. Both the Nexus One and S featured insanely powerful guts, which put the average crop of available devices to shame. Apple has a comparatively tame release cycle, with great (but usually not groundbreaking) hardware. Google pushes the envelope with their Nexus line of devices, which ultimately benefits the hoards of nerds who want killer specs.

The next Nexus device has the comical codename “Nexus Prime“. The rumors that it would feature a 1.5GHz TI OMAP4460 processor and Super AMOLED HD have been confirmed, and sources claim that Google is working on a variety of 4.0 devices from multiple OEMs for different carriers, which may all be launched around the same time. As usual with their in-house devices, Google will keep carrier cruft from being installed on the OS. This has been a problem that gives Android a Windows-like ‘bloatware’ feel. Sprint plans to allow these crapapps to be removed, but currently users are stuck with them unless they install homebrew ROMs.

Android 4.0 “Ice Cream” will be a mix between Gingerbread and the tablet-optimized Honeycomb, which has a rather dramatic UI change. Both the Nexus Prime and 4.0 are pegged for a Fall release, but an exact release date has not been specified.


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