Confirmed: GeoHot Hired by Facebook

Earlier this week, there were reports that iPhone and PlayStation jailbreaker George Hotz had been hired at Facebook. His recent legal battle against Sony and general authority-defiant behavior raised doubts about him settling down, but Facebook has now confirmed that he has been hired. His exact role is unknown, but since he is a developer, and knows mobile devices quite well, it’s very likely that he is working on one of Facebook’s mobile applications (perhaps the long awaited iPad app).

GeoHot has been pretty quiet on the hacking front as of late, and we’re not sure if his position at Facebook has encouraged him to go completely legit. With a batch of new iDevices on their way out of Cupertino this Fall, the jailbreaking community sure could use his help. He is known to be a bit of an egomaniac, so it could only be a matter of time before he jumps back on Twitter and wows us with another exploit.

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