Accessory Review: Scosche flipSYNC

Scosche is a company that specializes in car audio installation, and more importantly, iDevice accessories. The company produces accessories from speakers to charging cables and everything in between. The company is not as well known as other accessory competitors such as OtterBox or Ultimate Ears, but they do offer some cool knick-knacks that can be useful for one’s mobile device. The flipSYNC is a portable charging cable meant for on-the-go use. Although it lives up to its purpose, it still has some disappointing setbacks that may turn you away from purchasing it.

In the Box

  • Scosche flipSYNC Keychain Charging Cable for Micro/Mini USB Devices (1)
  • Manual (1)

There isn’t much in the box, just a manual and the actual flipSYNC itself


The flipSYNC is a portable keychain charging cable that was designed to have on-the-go. It is made out of black, hard plastic and stands about 2 inches tall and 1½ inches wide. It is a pretty bland accessory, the only designs being the Scosche logo and a USB emblem where the USB port is. The flipSYNC also has a hole near the top right to allow connection to a keychain or lanyard. This is what Scosche was going for when they made this product, and they have achieved it. The USB and Micro/Mini USB ports also tuck down into the flipSYNC, minimizing the space it takes up. This accessory is about as small as it can get. Since the size is just a little bigger than the standard car door remote, it doesn’t have a problem slipping into and out of your pocket.

The flipSYNC is pretty dull design-wise, only branding the Scosche logo and a USB logo

One downfall of the product is the length of the charging and USB cables. They extend about one inch away from the housing of the flipSYNC. The only issue I see is that Scosche should have added a retractable cable inside to make charging possible at longer distances. You would literally need to have the flipSYNC plugged into your computer, and your smart phone laying inches away to be able to connect. Basically, the flipSYNC operates on the idea that you are solely charging your phone, and do not plan to use it much.

The cables do not extend far from the housing

Design: ★★★½


Scosche has added two main features to the flipSYNC. One being the ability to use it with a Micro or Mini USB enabled device. The second feature is the ability to fit it on almost any keychain or lanyard that you have.

Two charging cables

The flipSYNC offers one MicroUSB charging port and one MiniUSB charging port. This is like getting two chargers for one. You can charge a MicroUSB device and a MiniUSB device at the same time. The cables extend about one inch away from the flipSYNC, and are covered by a flat plastic protector. This will lessen the chance of the cables being exposed.

The miniUSB cable is on the left and the microUSB cable is on the right

Use as a keychain

Another feature that Scosche added to the flipSYNC is its ability to be used as part of a keychain. It might be a little challenging to attach, but it will fit. It has little weight and is barely noticeable in your pocket. It is also a convenient accessory to have around when running low on battery.

The flipSYNC is the perfect size for use on a keychain
Features: ★★★★

Build Quality

The housing of the flipSYNC is made out of hard plastic which will endure most, if not all casual drops. The cables are covered by flat, bendable plastic which can take plenty of pull. Since the plastic is flexible, the cables can be bent and twisted without tearing or snapping. They are also unlikely to become worn out at the connection ports because of this feature. The cables connect into another piece of hard plastic, which houses the Micro/Mini USB and USB ports. Protecting both part of the cable and the Micro/Mini USB and USB ports.

Build Quality: ★★★★½

Reuse Value

This product has an excellent reuse value since it is something you can carry on your keychain or lanyard. It isn’t noticeable enough to be an irritation in your pocket, so it is easily tolerated. It will come in very handy when your phone is dying and you are by a computer; or maybe you are at a friends and forgot to bring your cable. It offers an alternative to lugging around a two foot long cable and wall adapter just to charge your phone.

Reuse Value: ★★★★


Charging cables can be purchased for much cheaper than the Scosche flipSYNC, so it is possible you will regret the $14.99 you spent on this. Since many people grab their keys when they go somewhere, and not a charging cable, it makes up for its price in convenience. I will admit, however, it is priced a little high just to be “convenient”. Scosche should have lowered the price on the item to make it more appealing to users. Mini and Micro USB cables can be purchased on the internet for less than five dollars a piece. It’s only worth comes in being convenient and portable. The product is not for someone who solely needs a replacement cable.

Value: ★★★

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Scosche flipSYNC is not a horrible purchase. It offers a portable way to charge your Micro/Mini USB enabled smart phone whenever around a computer. The price isn’t too high for something that can last a while. It is a convenient way to have a charger ready for quick use. The only problem I see is the short cables and the idea that someone will be around a computer long enough to charge their phone with their keys just sitting by the computer. If you have an extra $15.00 to spend, the flipSYNC could use a space on your keychain/lanyard.

Overall Score

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